Using RingDingApp© you can control all functions of RyngDyng©: set-up and calibration, live view of detected arrows, analyzing your arrows, and more. Here is a short summary of the features:

  • It is a "progessive web app", which means it can run on any device and any operating system: mobile, tablet or PC, Android, iOS, Windows or Linux.
  • Quick installation with QR Code or simply enter the link into your browser
  • Support for setting up the system using test images and a step-by-step guided menu
  • Possibility to enter important information regarding your training such as: who uses which target, used bow and arrows, tuning parameters, weather data and many more
  • The live view is better than with a scope: you can keep you actual shooting position and clearly see where exactly the arrows hit - no need to look through a small lense. Also, information on the whole group of arrows is available in the live view
  • Analysis of all arrows directly after shooting
  • Special tuning tests (blank shaft testing, walk-back tests, grouping tests, ...)
  • Interactive games for more fun

Have a look at the detailed manual for the RingDingApp©