More effective training with RyngDyng

Systematically increase your performance

Measuring and documenting is the basis for systematic training with the aim of increasing your performance.

All coaches recommend keeping a shooting book for this purpose: training days, number of training arrows, results, influencing factors. Up until now, however, this was hardly manageable without support and spending valuable training time.

Minimum effort - maximum result

RyngDyng does exactly that for you during training: Automatic logging of all relevant activities and parameters. And that with minimal effort for the athletes: Not a single button has to be pressed to operate the system during training. RyngDyng does its job completely autonomously. The installation and calibration of the device only takes 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the local conditions.

Supporting analyzes

In addition to the comprehensible documentation of all training activities and performance indicators, the evaluation software from Archery Analytics supports you in evaluating changes that you have made specifically. You get objective information as to whether a change has brought an improvement or not - even if the human eye often cannot perceive the difference.

Existing problems can also be worked out much more clearly. The analysis of the grouping of arrows and the dispersions provide valuable information on exactly where there are problems with the shooting technique or with the settings of the bow. Certain release faults can be detected, unstable anchor or problems with the string shadow. If you are interested, you can read the theoretical background for these analyzes in ourĀ  White paper Tuning and Data Analysis for archery. Furthermore, you will find a video showing some advanced analysis cases here: SUPPORT/Tutorials .

You can get a first impression of the analysis capabilities of the system by logging into this website with the demo account:

  • Login name: RyngDyng
  • Password: 123demo123

There are recorded data from some international competitions that you can analyze there.