We are Jochen und Patrick. We love archery and as pioneers equipped with expertise in software development, construction and data analysis we invented RyngDyng©  - the ultimate tool for archery, a revolution regarding professional data based performance monitoring and improvement. Through our knowledge, aspiration and a large amount of enthusiasm we want to help to bring archery to a next level and invite you to join us in our mission „Get the Gold“!

What exactly are we doing and what is special about our invention?

We invented an autonomous arrow spotter system for accurately measuring arrow positions in targets. Archers will get real data on their performance and analysis on the factors impacting their performance. Changes in the used material or shooting technique will be made transparent and can be traced. No such thing existed before. RyngDyng is made of a case housing cameras and a computer and measuring the data optically. At the core, there is a software doing advanced image processing and intelligent data analysis. All data are stored and can be accessed on the field through our app, or at any time on the server.

What is innovative about RyngDyng?

It is the very focus on our goal that every archer should benefit from RyngDyng. We did not just focus on high level tournaments but wanted to have a tool that every archer can use at every place he or she might want to choose for their training sessions. Starting from here, the consequences for the product design have been: affordable hardware, easy set-up and operation with as few interactions as possible and operation independent from the main supply.

How did you come across the idea to RyngDyng?

During our own training, because we never were sure about: is everything correctly tuned? Which faults are my contribution to the bad results? Why doesn't it works as I want it to? If you then ask 3 different mates, you will get many different answers, no consistency there. And not always you have got access to a skilled coach to help you. Therefore, we were in a situation where we couldn't improve and find out what was wrong. The next idea then was: measure the data and find out!

Why does archery need data analysis?

In many sports disciplines data analysis already plays an important role. Why not in archery? Actually, it is rather obvious that arrows on a traget are distributed in a statistical way and do form certain patterns - somehow they have a center and are gouping around this center. Using data analysis it is possible to relate these patterns to bow tuning parameters or to variations in the shooting style and physical parameters. Until today, this was not done on regular basis because it requires an enormous effort to accurately collect the arrow positions and then input them into a computer program that does the analysis. With RyngDyng , this is an easy thing to do! The data will provide you with insights on whether your material is tuned correctly and what are the faults you should be working on. No need to 'guess and try' again!

How will RyngDyng impact the way we undertake and perceive tournaments?

Tournaments will be more exciting to watch and spectators can better follow on what is going on during the course of ends. Athletes will benefit from immediate feedbacks and have more transparency regrading the overall tournament results, not just on their target. RyngDyng is very easy to handle by tournament organizers. It is flexible, has a low weight and works largely autonomously. It is affordable and will help creating better experiences for visitors and athletes. It can also publish live data in the internet while the tournament is running.

Why are we fascinated about archery in general?

It is the optimization and perfection of humans interacting with a simple but at the same time very high technology. Precision in movements, technology tuning and mental concentration is required. And once you achieved a certail level of perfection, all is about being able to repeat that in varying environments and adpting to all kind of situations. From day to day and end to end you have the chance to improve and reach a new level of performance.

What values drive us at Archery Analytics?

We really want to create a value for the archery sports and benefits for all archers. We do not want to do things we are not 100% convinced about. Quality and professionality is the top priority for us. To achieve this, we ourselves must feel the fun and the fasciantion about every feature, otherwise it's wrong or useless. This is at the heart of Archery Analytics.