RyngDyng enables Data Analysis for Archery!

How can Archery benefit from Data Analysis?

All results on the target are subject to statistical dispersion. No archer in the world is able to hit exactly and repeatedly the same point. Question: If we only can get dispersed results on the target, how can we draw valid conclusions regarding the tuning of the material or regarding our shooting technique?

This is exactly what data analysis does. Also we as humans undertake data analysis when we perceive several arrows as forming a group and find that the group is 'too high'. Or, we calculate simple key figures such as number of points per arrow. Insofar, data analysis is a well-known concept, but not always called that way and not yet used to its full potential.

Really interesting would be to analyze many arrows belonging to many ends or to a whole week. However, we can not do this ourselves because we cannot memorize all the arrow positions and then 'see' them as a single group. The solution is: measure and record all arrow positions and later do the analysis using advanced data analysis algorithms. This is what RyngDyng does for you.

Our white paper on data analysis for archery provides an introduction into this topic and can be downloaded here . You will find a video showing some data analysis examples here: SUPPORT/Tutorials . To see some examples of advanced analysis click here



The autonomous RyngDyng spotters measure each arrow position with an accuray in milimeter range and relate those postitions to all your configuration data: used material, adjustments, personal and weather conditions, and more.



The RyngDyng App stores all data and provides a first analysis already on the field. All data are then transmitted and saved into your personal account with Archery Analytics.



Using advanced and innovative data analysis, all measured data will be analyzed. You will get valuable hints regarding your material adjustments or shooting style. Also your long-term developments are documented and analyzed.