Find out how to get the Gold

Improve with every arrow

You are shooting arrow by arrow. You tune your bow, you buy the latest material and you optimize your shooting style. But still the performance does not improve as much as you hoped for!

Change your training fundamentally with RyngDyng©, the unique tool with automatic arrow detection, position measurement and recording as well as innovative data analysis support.

You will get all training results stored into your app and you will learn how to interpret those data and adjust your material settings and shooting style. You will be able to exactly track what change did lead to which results and therefore improve your performance on every arrow you shot!

A Revolution for Archery

Archery Analytics developed RyngDyng© to support archers and their coaches through measuring their performance, documenting and analyzing all recorded arrows and tracing improvements.

Furthermore, tournaments can be made more attractive to spectators and athletes when live data are being presented together with further analysis providing insights on what the differences and highlights are.

Today, there is now comparable tool availabe. RyngDyng© is a significant contribution to the development of our sports and also will revolutionize the way how results are being measured and analyzed.

See our short video introduction on RyngDyng