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Review last year and what's new in 2021

2020 was an unusual and challenging year for Archery Analytics and all of us in many ways. At the beginning of last year we worked hard to finalize the EU product certification for our RyngDyng systems. In those days we could not foresee the unusual circumstances under which we would start selling our two products. Despite the global pandemic and the associated restrictions, including for archery, we started selling our standard system RD600 online in Europe in April and the more powerful RD720 system has also been available through our webshop since November. That was an important milestone for us. The reviews from buyers for both systems so far has been very positive. We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their trust and helpful feedback.

Last year we were also able to officially seal our collaboration with the World Archery. As "Automatic Scoring Partner", our RyngDyng systems will be used at international WA competitions for automatic arrow detection. We are already working intensively on further partnerships, especially in the areas of sales, service and new functionalities. We still see a lot of valuable opportunities.

We are now looking forward to the year 2021. We are all longing for a "normalization". The first positive indications are already there - that gives us hope. From a sporting point of view, the dates for important major competitions are on the schedule from the end of the first half of the year. We are ready and we will be there.

Experts say that the decade of digitization began last year. In archery, too, more and more competitions are being held virtually because of the contact restrictions. With our RyngDyng system, Archery Analytics provides an important element to make better use of the possibilities of the digital world for this sport as well. In addition to the digital support for training, tuning and tournaments, with RyngDyng we have now also created the basis for many interactive games and playful training elements. On our website at Applications you can see first game ideas such as Ring Hunting, Countdown or Sinking Ships, which we have newly integrated into the RyngDyng app. We're exited about your feedback!

There is another innovation for all RyngDyng users. Now you have the opportunity to exchange your hit data with other archers in order to be able to compare your results with club colleagues or friends around the world. All you have to do is log in to our website and enter with whom you want to share which data. In addition, we have also provided you with other exciting analysis options under the menu item Data Analysis. Wouldn't it also be interesting for you to look at a spot or grouping analysis?

For 2021, we wish you all the best and that it will be an incredible year. Let's make it special.

Your Archery Analytics Team

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